Make a Patch

As we have met to shape this quilt project, we have  shared our concerns, our various approaches and where our attention is resting.  We are finding that we each have shifting, individual responses and parallel experiences. 

Recurring topics are social distancing, words, memory, cocoon, day-by-day, self-protection, mental health, self-care, safety, using what we’ve got, as well as ‘contradictions’ such as breathing together/afraid to breathe together, distance/achieving increased sense of community/collaboration.

The Quarantine Quilt Project aims to collect and stitch together people’s responses and experiences to our current collective episode of living through a pandemic.  These can be words, images and feelings expressed on textiles through stitch and colour.

Just as the four artists leading this project have different creative perspectives and ways of working, the Quarantine Quilt will bring together all our varied experiences and responses to this time. We welcome your participation in the community quilt that we are co-creating – or one of the others happening across the UK.

Catherine, Just Sewn Stories, Melinda and Naomi

The Wall of Words

  • We are inviting 5inch high x 7 inch wide rectangles with a word or phrase within the 4 x 6 centre area in BRICK sorts of colours
  • Leave ½” seam allowances all the way around the design
  • These patches will explore our experiences of  social distancing, lockdown, shielding and our varied responses to it

Representing feelings, responses and experiences

  • We are also inviting  7 inch squares with your design centered within the 6inch centre area
  • Leave ½” seam allowances all the way around the design
  • Add a Surface Design:
    • Printing, stamping, painting
    • Embroider, by machine or hand
    • Make a cyanotype 
    • Combine techniques!

Playing with traditional meanings

  • We are also inviting  13 inch squares with your design centered within the 12 inch centre area
  • Leave ½” seam allowances all the way around the design
  • Use a patchwork design meaningful to you, eg.:
    • ‘Log Cabin’ represents home
    • ‘Corona’ is meant to be a crown!
    • Hourglass and Snails Trail could both represent time

Contribute with confidence


We are assembling and collecting guidance on techniques you might use on an ongoing basis.

‘How to’ Videos

Videos are currently in development. Substantial content should be available in July 2020.

Zoom Workshops

Workshops have a limited capacity. In addition to our sessions, projects around the country have activities on offer. 

1. Check the seam allowances

We need at least 1/2 inch from the edge to your design all the way around your block.

2. Complete this  form

We need your permission to photograph and share your patch, and any information you provide with it, and use these to support this project and arts & health work.

3. Post form and patch

Significant Seams
Apple Studio
c/o Carpenters Cottage
Crediton Hamlets
EX17 5BX

We look forward to sharing your submissions!