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The Crafts Council

Founded in 1972, the Crafts Council is the national charity for craft. They inspire making, empower learning and nurture craft businesses. They believe craft skills and knowledge enrich and uplift us as individuals, and, in doing so, will change our world for the better. They promote life-long learning in craft, […]

The March Project

Nationally, the MARCH project has assembled an array of resources to support individuals to have a ‘Creative Isolation.’ They also are a hub for compiling research about the social impacts of Covid-19. Over 90,000 people have participated in their research so far and everyone is invited. Find out more and […]

Libraries Unlimited

Devon Libraries are asking contributors to make triangular flag bunting with dimensions of 5” across the top and 6” from the top to bottom. You can use any fabric, single or double layered, in any colour and sew, glue or staple depending on your level of skill! Once the lockdown […]

Creativity Works

Radstock, Bath and Northeast Somerset  based Creativity Works is releasing regular ‘Creativity Works — At Homes’ activity sheets and guidance. The Week 8 activity, devised with artist Barbara Disney and inspired by the marvelous collection of Quilts at the American Museum in Bath, focuses on quilts, colour, and pattern. Video […]

High Peak Community Arts

Artist Amanda Whewell has created a lovely project with High Peak Community Arts in NW Derbyshire in which everyone is embroidering calico pieces inspired by the idea The Ugly Bug Ball which the community is  making into a quilt for Reuben’s Retreat in Glossop, the centre for children with life […]

Brightlingsea Community Quilt Project

The Brightlingsea Community Quilt Project has been set up in response to Covid-19. The aim is to encourage the community to stay connected during these times of social isolation, while simultaneously creating an object that will document the town’s experience of this momentous moment in history.It is a community-led project that people can participate […]


OVADA is a contemporary art gallery and visual art development space in Oxford providing unique opportunities for both artists and audiences. The OVADA Covid Quilt Project   is a an open invitation to embroider, stitch, applique, weave, wew, knit or print a contribution! The squares created will eventually be sewn […]

Glimmer Theatre

Glimmer Theatre Company’s Quarantine Quilt is with The Library Presents and is Cambridgeshire focussed, working with a history of community quilting in the area.This project is open to all in Cambridgeshire but they are also doing focused sessions with more isolated members of the community, particularly the homeless and those […]

Arthur + Martha: Necklace of Stars

Arts organisation Arthur & Martha are leading a quilt project for people 65+ in Derbyshire, called ‘A Necklace of Stars.’ If you are over 65 and live in Derbyshire, artist Lois Blackburn and poet Philip Davenport can provide creative packs, full of ideas and materials direct to you in the […]

Arthur + Martha: Here Comes the Sun

The Covid quilt project, Here Comes the Sun,  is part of a bigger project called Whisper to me Alone by arts organisation Arthur and Martha. Led by artist Lois Blackburn, they are welcoming contributions to this from around the world, and are piloting ways of working to enable people who have […]