A completed DIGITAL quilt from Envisage Arts CIC

Envisage Arts CIC recently finished their Stitch in Time project, led by a student art therapist under mentorship from the organisation Director Sue Ellis. Over 20 social group sessions via Zoom a newly connected community made this digital quilt of 28 squares. Not all are fabric, some squares are photographs, poems, or objects emerging from their creative times together online as well as from associated activities. In August they featured on the 64 Million Artists project Create to Connect and invited people to contribute a square based on the phrase ‘A stitch in time saves nine’. People shared a range of problem-solving stories such as making flourless cakes, gardening and coping with isolation. Envisage Arts are based near Kirklees, an area that has been in local lockdown for an additional few months now which led to this creative solution.

No longer accepting patches.

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