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Textile Art and Activism?

By Naomi Wright, Artistic Associate, Significant Seams & Art & Energy As freelancers, artists often wear a number of hats, different shapes and sizes to fit the partner organisations and audiences, project of the moment, their evolving practice. Artists often research and communicate feelings about a cause, they sometimes become […]

Participant Perspective , Online vs In-Person

By Lisa Dillon-Langhorn Before lockdown, I had the privilege of meeting Catherine and Naomi, from Significant Seams, when I attended, in person, the Textiles and Nature course in Crediton, Devon, UK.  The course was listed on the Devon Recovery Learning Community (DRLC) website and I was instantly drawn to the […]

Last week to contribute patches (or poetry) for ‘Here Comes The Sun’ Quilt

arthur+martha, an experimental arts organisation based in the north west of England, is coordinating two quilt projects through the pandemic – AND ACCEPTING PATCHES THROUGH THE END OF OCTOBER: ‘Here Comes the Sun (a global project),’ and ‘Necklace of Stars’ (which is open to people 65+ across Derbyshire) . They […]