The Lockdown Blues Project – calling for submissions

A group of academics at the University of Exeter are curating a non-traditional scrapbook as part of a research project about the uncomfortable but important topic of Loneliness. 

The Lockdown Blues Project is calling for submissions for their online scrapbook. The academics, Charlotte, Olly and Fred, say, 

“We want this project to show people who feel lonely that they aren’t the only ones, and to provide a way for them to tell their stories. We also want to make sure that the way people have felt during COVID-19 doesn’t get forgotten or overlooked.”

How I feel after 40 years of knitting

Following Exeter’s designation as a City of Literature by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), the group are working with Exeter Phoenix and Devon Libraries to explore the connections between reading, writing, and wellbeing.

Find out more about submitting a creative testimony in any of a variety of forms at

This project is funded by UNESCO and WCCEH.

My Loneliness in Lockdown

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