Multiple Quarantine Quilt projects are included in new report: How can the arts and creativity support people who are shielding or vulnerable during Covid-19?

The National Culture, Health, and Wellbeing Alliance have produced a report and a series of case studies of the role of the arts in supporting the most vulnerable. Multiple of the projects in our network are included, either explicitly (Necklace of Stars) or implicitly as commissioners and partners are profiled (Devon Recovery Learning Community).

The report is intended to bring to light the scope, breadth and reach of the work that cultural and creative organisations and individuals have been doing since lockdown to reach the most vulnerable in our communities, and the immense creativity and care with which this work has been designed.

“Creative Care packages have been sent to some of our most vulnerable families and have proved to be a lifeline to those that are engaging with them… Many, many thanks to all involved in bringing this opportunity to our community.” (Cambridge Curiosity & Imagination’s Creative Care programme)

Almost all of the case studies in this report were undertaken in partnership – with local government, health, and/or third sector partners. It is this collaborative approach, together with a commitment to building responsive projects from the ground up, that has supported people’s creativity at the height of a national crisis. The skills, time and energy required for this work are undervalued, however. We hope this report will help us learn from what has worked during the crisis; and that it will help make the case for comprehensive financial and infrastructural support for work that will be as vital to our recovery as it has been a lifeline during lockdown.

Find our more and download the full report at

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