What is the value of online cultural engagement?

Centre for Cultural Value
, Festival of Ideas, 2-13 November 2020.

What does meaningful digital engagement look like and does it change the way we value culture?

13 November 2020, 14:00

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In the current climate, it’s likely that the growth in online cultural engagement in the UK will continue for the foreseeable, as cultural organisations have pivoted the focus of their work from live experiences to digital output and engagement.

But how does online engagement change the way we value culture? What can we learn from organisations that have found ways to engage with audiences and the community with and without using digital engagement, and what is the emerging research telling us about digital engagement with culture and its associated new ways of creating value?

In this session you’ll hear from Kim Wide, CEO and Artistic Director of Take A Part, an organisation that has focused on in-person engagement through lockdown, Portia Tremlett, Public Programme Engagement Officer at Novium Museum, who are developing online field trips for schools, Rishi Coupland, Head of Data Intelligence at National Theatre who brought theatre into our homes, and Hasan Bakhshi, Director of the Creative Industries Policy and Evidence Centre, Nesta, which recently published a report into online cultural consumption.

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