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Gulbenkian’s Culture Reset Programme offers public resources for culture practitioners

CULTURE RESET is a practical rapid response programme to inspire more relevant and impactful cultural organisations and practices. Born out of the devastating impact of Covid-19 and inspired by the urgent need to accelerate change and respond to the experiences of a broader diversity of people, it is providing expert support and dynamic […]

Art Refuge: The Coronaquilt

This project is not a textile quilt – but an idea, connection and virtual gallery. Art Refuge uses art and art therapy to support the mental health and well-being of people displaced due to conflict, persecution and poverty, both in the UK and internationally. In mid-March 2020 they launched this project – […]

The Crafts Council

Founded in 1972, the Crafts Council is the national charity for craft. They inspire making, empower learning and nurture craft businesses. They believe craft skills and knowledge enrich and uplift us as individuals, and, in doing so, will change our world for the better. They promote life-long learning in craft, […]

The March Project

Nationally, the MARCH project has assembled an array of resources to support individuals to have a ‘Creative Isolation.’ They also are a hub for compiling research about the social impacts of Covid-19. Over 90,000 people have participated in their research so far and everyone is invited. Find out more and […]

Libraries Unlimited

Devon Libraries are asking contributors to make triangular flag bunting with dimensions of 5” across the top and 6” from the top to bottom. You can use any fabric, single or double layered, in any colour and sew, glue or staple depending on your level of skill! Once the lockdown […]